Want to go on an adventure?


At Extraordinary Elopements we believe that marriage is the ultimate adventure, so why not begin with your wedding?


We are a speciality service for lovers of travel and fine art photography. Our packages combine your wedding ceremony for two, with full or half day photography experiences to ensure you capture the essence of both your love story and your wanderlust.

Explore your dream location in comfort as you are chauffeured between jaw dropping backdrops selected precisely with your wedding photos in mind. A magical experience that promises inspiring landscapes, adventure and fine art photography.


Fine Art Photography


We offer elopements with a high focus on fine art photography. Therefore we spend the entire day with you travelling to different locations taking advantage of the unique and extraordinary surroundings, to create the most sensational imagery possible. Our aim is to create art that you will want to hang on your wall, captured memories of a time and a place that you will dream about forever.


Where is the most extraordinary location you can imagine?


Do you want to get married on the black sands of Iceland? Then spend your day touring the countryside stopping to create spectacular images with volcanoes, geysers and glaciers? Or perhaps the whitewashed walls and blue roofs of the Santorini hillside appeal to the romantic in you?


You name the location and we will take care of the rest! Our professional photographers will research the area you have selected and work with local guides to plan out the route with the most sensational backdrops to ensure your elopement is truly extraordinary.


Make a difference!


At Extraordinary Elopements we believe that we can all make a difference. Therefore we pledge $100 AUD from your elopement to a registered charity of your choice! Want to find out how you can Make a difference?


Can my parents come?


YES!! We want you to love your non traditional wedding and if you would like to include your closest family members as your witnesses we don’t just allow it, we encourage it! One of the biggest deterrents for couples looking to elope is the exclusion of immediate family. We aim to bridge the gap between weddings and solo elopements by including a package for lovers and the people who made them.


Our packages are designed to allow couples the freedom to spend as much time as they want touring the location without the pressure of waiting guests, so we ask that the ceremony is where the time with them concludes. A thoughtful option for your loved ones is to organise a separate tour or spa day etc for them during the time that you are away. Because after all, they deserve it!


The finest products


Our packages include wedding albums handmade with the finest materials, for you to lovingly look back on your favourite moments. The wedding albums come with a lifetime warranty, allowing you to tell the story of your wild hearts and adventure filled souls to future generations as a treasured family heirloom.


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