Make a difference

Our Pledge


At Extraordinary Elopements we believe that we can all make a difference. Therefore we pledge 20% of profits from your elopement to a local charity of your choice!


Your wedding can help make a difference in someone else’s life!


Not only will you complete your trip as a married couple, but your wedding will have contributed to something wonderful in the area that you spent your time away. There is no better gift than the act of giving!


You choose the charity!


While researching locations for your elopement, we will also investigate local communities and/or charities in need of assistance. We will present our findings to you and allow you to choose the cause that speaks to you!


Meet the people you are helping!


Where possible we will give you the option to join us in visiting and meeting with a representatives of your charity during your stay, to give you the opportunity to see firsthand who (or what) we are helping! Let’s get our hands dirty! Together we can make a difference!


Feel passionately about the good you have done? Tell your friends!


Once you are happily married and return home to announce the good news, tell your friends and family all about your amazing contribution! They may want to make a donation of their own!


Still want to do more?


Match our donation dollar for dollar!


Contact us today to discuss your Extraordinary Elopement!

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